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Skipanes Care Home is a home that we are running, to help those who don’t see any hope. The work first started in Irene's and Jonny's home when Jesus started to send people to us. After a while we built a new house right below, where we now live ourselves. The care home is an organisation, built on Christian values and is run by Solfrid Valvik and Irene Vestvik. Those who come get to stay for a week or two at first, to find out what kind of help is needed. But after the first conversation and prayer with deliverance, what they experience is like to be reborn. When Jesus sets free, they get free indeed. They get in a position where they are above the problems and not under them. With Jesus this is possible! Some lives there for a few months, others for years. What is crucial here is how deep the wounds are. The most important is that they can stay there until they feel safe and can manage on their own. Jesus never gave up on anyone and we follow His example. He cared about spirit, soul and flesh and so do we. These three parts are connected and can’t be separated. So, when Jesus gets to touch all this, life becomes fantastic to live. All people deserve and were meant for this.

Solfrid og Irene

The ladies that are running the Home.
Solfrid Valvik and Irene Vestvik

Dyp kaller på dyp

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If you would like to give a gift or to buy the book "Deep calls unto deep", you can use either of the following payment methods:
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Deep calls unto deep

You are loved.

Deep calls unto deep
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Deep calls unto deep

The book "Deep calls unto deep" is a devotion book, with daily devotions and messages from Jesus.
Norwegian hard copy: 250,- NOK + freight
English hard copy: 298,- NOK + freight
Norwegian/English E-book: 198,- NOK
All income from the sales of this book is going towards running Skipanes Care Home.

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As an add-on to the Bible, I will strongly recommend you to get and read the book "Deep calls unto deep". With daily messages from Jesus, received and written down by Irene Vestvik. These strong messages, you will often find speaking into your everyday and your situation. There you will find encouragement, admonition, you will find peace and healing within you through scriptures and messages. Healthy, spiritual food, which will help you by making your life better, both physical and spiritual.
Irene is one of my mother's cousins and I remember Irene and some of her siblings from when we visited our great grandparents in Kroken, outside Grimstad, Norway. But as many times happen, when our great grandparents and then our connecting point went away, the connection was lost. In 2016 there was a family reunion for the cousins where they met and were connected again. This is when I first heard about Irene who had written a devotion book and that was about it. My parents had been invited to come and visit the old house in Kroken and my sister and I joined them. It became an evening filled with memories and it was so nice. We were told that if we wanted, we could buy Irene's book there with them, which both my mother and I did.
Little did I then know what this would lead to. This book was so strong, it spoke directly into the everyday and to the situation quite often. It would guide me and encourage me. Sometimes when I was speaking with fellow Christians from around the world, they could tell me about the problems they were facing. I could then translate the devotion of that day to English and send to them. They would thank me and say that this was exactly what they needed to hear. I remember especially a young Indonesian woman who was the only Christian in the family and was being mocked by her parents for it. She loved it.
I was considering asking Irene whether she had considered translating the book into English. But it remained just as a thought. After all she had written a book, she had even been on TV and was preaching around many places. Of course, she had to have people with better skills and qualifications around her.
I kept contact now and then through Facebook Messenger. A year later, one day I received this powerful message from her through Facebook Messenger. I read it and thought WOW, this is really powerful! Then I called Irene on the phone and I told her what I thought of the message, how powerful it was. Then she told me she was receiving more messages these days. This was when I no longer was able to not say what was on my mind, I told her that these messages are too good to only be shared with Norwegians and then asked her if she had considered translating the book into English. Irene then got quiet for a moment before telling me that Jesus had already told her that this book was going to be published in English too. But she had asked three people that she knew could translate it, without getting an answer. Then she had prayed about it and then said "Jesus, you told me this book was to be published in English and I have tried but in vain. So now I am putting this on you, if You want this book to be published in English, then you have to take care of it". This was when I asked if she would mind that I just translated the last message, then she could see for herself what she thought about it. Irene was a bit set out at this point. Here she had been asking around with other people she knew without getting any answers and here a relative was offering and might be able to translate it??? I translated this last message and a few devotions and sent them over to Irene. She forwarded it to people in England to ensure that it was well translated and when it was approved, I started working on it.
Translating from Norwegian to English or the other way around is not that hard. But this book, with these deep messages, coming from the Lord, I had to make sure to keep the message authentic and not lose the power within them. So, this became a very long and time-consuming job. The book was published and then released on December 20th, 2018. When I look back at this, it is with a great deal of gratitude, because Jesus crushed me to do this, and that Irene had enough trust in me to let me do it. It has been such a blessing to do this! This book, I believe, along with the Bible, will through the scriptures and the messages restore and strengthen your relationship with the Lord.
Paul Kjelsaas - friend


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